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Pixelpussy signs with Wicked Wonderland Empire; will release “Tactical Feline Implant” in late 2013-early 2014

Posted in Uncategorized on June 22, 2013 by Daemon Chadeau

So yeah…the big announcement.

It brings us pleasure to announce that Pixelpussy has signed with Northwest-based Wicked Wonderland Empire!  We will also be releasing through Wicked Wonderland our third studio album “Tactical Feline Implant” for a late 2013-early 2014 release!  This release will also feature additional input from live members Mark Noir and Westin Halvorson rather than just from Sir Kitty Meow-Meow alone.  Stay tuned for more information to come as far as a full press release is concerned.

In the meantime, we would also like to express our thanks to Alexsa Rosa of MoonSlave Radio, LLC for not only releasing our first two records “This Is Meower Noise” and “Das Mewntz”, but also for believing in this project when even we had our doubts.  She worked her fingers to the bones to make sure that our releases were on time and satisfactory to our vision.  Another big thanks to Fernando Cruz who worked through MoonSlave via nlinear Audio Productions for his awesome work in mastering the first two releases.  Best of luck to you guys, and you can always buy the first two records from their online store!


Pixelpussy to play at Seattle stop in End of Days Tour!

Posted in Uncategorized on June 16, 2012 by Daemon Chadeau

What’s new, Pussycats?

Monday night June 18th is the Seattle leg of the End of Days Tour featuring iVardensphere (with the tribal drumming talents of Servitor Sanctum 7), along with ESA, W.A.S.T.E., and End: the DJ.  We are very happy to announce that Pixelpussy will be joining the bill as local support!  Having played with W.A.S.T.E. before and with ESA remixing on the first album, this show is gonna be extra special!  You can get your tickets now at Brown Paper Tickets (by clicking the flyer) and also at the door the day of the show.

We will still have some of the merch left over from the Faderhead show (although sizes L-2XL remain in the shirts), so if you missed out last time you have another chance!

Pixelpussy update!

Posted in Uncategorized on May 2, 2011 by Daemon Chadeau

Hey Pussy Lovers!

Meow are you doing?  Did you miss the 8-Bitty Kitty?  Here’s the low down on what’s going on with Pixelpussy:

-First, I have relocated to the Northwest, and am going to be booking shows for the Seattle area within the next couple months.  I’m still getting a feel for the area, as there isn’t as strong of a power noise scene as there is in L.A., but soon the Emerald City will be going ga-ga for Meower Noise!

-Second, in case you haven’t seen already, production for “Das Mewntz” is officially underway and is going along quite swimmingly.  The bosses at MoonSlave are already eagerly awaiting the sophmore release from the artist that launched the label, and I can tell you so am I!  Late 2011 or Early 2012 will be the target date, and there will be more announcements coming in the following months in regards to it.

-Speaking of production, I’m also in the process of recording exclusive tracks for the second Electronic Saviors compilation as well as the next Das Bunker compilation.  More to come on other projects as well.

-I also want to thank a very special person close to the Kitty’s pixelated heart, and that would be Nik Reyes, my L.A. live stagemate.  We kicked some serious ass the two shows we played in L.A. and I look forward to coming back to L.A. soon to kick some more ass again.  That being said, the search for a new live player for the Seattle area is also underway.  More to come.

-One more thing:  those of you been trying to contact me through can now do so again.  Apple really needs to send a notification when your MobileMe is about to expire lol.  Anyways, I also have a secondary email as well,  I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused earlier this month.

-Also, don’t forget to catch me every Thursday from 6-9pm Pacific Time on Radio Black Light, as I host “The Black Note” spinning three hours of the best power noise, IDM, harsh EBM, breakcore, and other harsh frequencies.  I also spin a lot of underground stuff that needs to be heard, because we all need to support our local underground scenes!  Hell, all of your favorite mainstream artists were underground at some point in their careers…

That’s it for now.  For all the latest keep posted to the ReverbNation page, as well as Facebook ( and on Twitter (@pixelpussy).

Until next time, meow!  =^.^=


The Monkey is off the back!

Posted in Uncategorized on August 2, 2010 by Daemon Chadeau

Words just cannot explain it. Nor can they describe last night’s show at Klub Terminal. There was a great crowd of people close to me in this scene and who have really shown their support for this project. It made the night a lot easier on me and calmed the nerves a bit, and it also helped having awesome live support from a certain Nik Reyes, whom you may know from Liquidate. The shit he was laying down during the performance made me go “oh shiiiiit…”. It was an incredible experience and even though it was hot as fucking Hell in that place it was an unforgettable night.

You made it happen. You made the show awesome. You came out and supported underground music and the independent labels they’re on. Thank you for being there and thank you for all the support!

Now…as I look for more live shows (if you wanna book Pixelpussy, email, I can actually finish all these remixes that I wanted to do. Working on remixes for Liquidate, The Prozac Generation, and maybe Mordacious and Trimetrick. And of course some new stuff for the second album. I’m sure you all loved “Buzzkill” lol.

There will be more to come. I’ll have some pictures and videos as soon as they are made available. Until then, meow! =^.^=

Album update

Posted in News, Uncategorized on May 4, 2010 by Daemon Chadeau

Wow. It’s been a while since I even posted an update. Just a shitload of Facebook and Twitter blasts and all that…you’d swear I was Ochocinco lol.

First off, the album’s production is officially completed, and is now in the hands of Fernando Cruz over at não linear produções audio in Lisbon, Portugal. What started back in January as just a joke has turned into something pretty special, and I’m very happy with the produced product as the finishing touches are made.

In total, there will be 8 original tracks with 5 remixes. 13 in all. How lucky. lol. The album will feature remixes from fellow Moonslave Radio recording artist Code 000, along with nlinear, Electronic Substance Abuse (Tympanik Audio), Bioassay (Mechanismz), and the winner of the “Teabaggin’ Amerika” remix contest, Jeremiah Saint. The album will be available digitally on iTunes worldwide, Amazon mp3,
eMusic, Rhapsody, IMVU, and direct from the MoonSlave Radio online store. Updates as far as the hard release date will be coming soon.

Speaking of Moonslave Radio, there’s a new site launched that will house the digital music store, one of many places you’ll be able to buy the album as well as others. The site is still a bit under construction but should give you more insight on what the label is all about, which started as a virtual club in Second Life involving “Art Fusion” to the upstart label that will use This Is Meower Noise as its first official catalogue entry. In addition, Code 000’s Secret Societies will be released the following month, with Mexico’s Noiz+Zilenth releasing its debut with the label by the end of this year.

As far as live stuff goes, it’s currently up in the air. Now that the studio stuff is done I need to figure out how the hell am I gonna pull this shit off live without making a fool out of myself? lol Well, I’m working on that. I’ll be recruiting another sound-mangler for live shows (will change depending on where I am) as well as some go-go dancers to make me look better (because you don’t wanna look at me…trust me). Oh, and did I mention we’ll all be wearing cat masks during the whole thing?

On Friday, May 28th I will be spinning as a guest DJ in Das Noise Room at Das Bunker in Los Angeles alongside Franck H-Bomb! And it’s tentative but very likely a go that Pixelpussy will be performing at Mechanismz at The Que Sera in Long Beach on Saturday, September 11th. There will be much more added as this album gets released and what not.

There’s a lot going on these next two months, and it has already been a very wild ride so far. The shock that this release is almost about to happen is finally setting in, and needless to say it’s hard to describe how excited I am about this release. Of all the bands and projects I have been involved with none of them have moved as quick or as smooth as this has been.

I want to thank everyone I have worked with over the past four months, from the people I’ve remixed to those who have remixed me. Definitely want to thank Alexsa and Fernando for all they have done to get this record finished. I also wish to thank all my friends and family who have supported me this past decade or so in the scene and those like Franck, Shane Talada, and Blade Rhino who have continued to believe in me when others had given up. I also want to thank everyone who added this page as a friend, who has “Liked” me on Facebook, who has listened to me on, who has been a fan on ReverbNation or VampireFreaks, and everyone else whom I’ve encountered.

And most importantly I want to thank those detractors…those who have given up on me…who have thought that I would never amount to anything in this scene nor this business…those who had always talked shit about me and my friends and family and others who have supported me throughout the years, whether out of pure hatred or for just scene drama. To those I say, “up your butt…with a coconut” 😀

*I just HAD to be immature…it just wouldn’t be Pixelpussy without it*

Stay tuned to all the updates, whether through here or through my personal Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter.

We’re almost there!