Pixelpussy was created in January of 2010 by Los Angeles-area musician, promoter and DJ Daemon Chadeau. For over a decade Daemon has been involved in the scene in some shape or form, whether as a flyer monkey, a bouncer, a DJ, a guerilla-style promoter, a musician, etc. He has played bass guitar in numerous punk and metal bands, most noteably Simi Valley industrial experi-metal act Izevl where he co-wrote the local hit “Axis of Evil”. Daemon is also known as a writer and has also contributed to local publications El Orgullio Latino and has also worked as a Senior Staff Writer for Rock City News in Hollywood, CA.

Daemon has also been a DJ in the scene between Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Francisco for 7 years. He started specializing in the power noise genre back in 2004, and has taken his sets to Second Life at various virtual clubs such as Sub Zero, Club Industry, Derailed, and Moonslave, to name a few. His residencies included Fantom Opera, Defkon, Infirmary, and has also had a regular guest spot at San Francisco’s Die Maschinen. Recently he’s been a force on internet radio stations Derailed Radio, Digital Mindfield Radio, and Radiogasm.

Daemon started Pixelpussy as part of a New Year’s Resolution to return to songwriting, which he neglected after Izevl disbanded in 2006. It originally started off as a joke, named after two things: Daemon’s avatar on Second Life (a neko), and “virtual vagina”. The joke began with the release of “‘That’ Kind of Party”, and then after releasing “Toxic Testicle Nectar”, “The Ass Justifies The Means”, and most recently “God and Pussy”, the project started to gain more buzz within local artists and musicians on the virtual scope as well. The project was signed to upstart New York-based label Moonslave Radio in March of 2010, and is scheduled to release the debut album “This is Meower Noise” in late June 2010 featuring remixes from ESA, code 000, and Bioassay.


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