Pixelpussy signs with Wicked Wonderland Empire; will release “Tactical Feline Implant” in late 2013-early 2014

So yeah…the big announcement.

It brings us pleasure to announce that Pixelpussy has signed with Northwest-based Wicked Wonderland Empire!  We will also be releasing through Wicked Wonderland our third studio album “Tactical Feline Implant” for a late 2013-early 2014 release!  This release will also feature additional input from live members Mark Noir and Westin Halvorson rather than just from Sir Kitty Meow-Meow alone.  Stay tuned for more information to come as far as a full press release is concerned.

In the meantime, we would also like to express our thanks to Alexsa Rosa of MoonSlave Radio, LLC for not only releasing our first two records “This Is Meower Noise” and “Das Mewntz”, but also for believing in this project when even we had our doubts.  She worked her fingers to the bones to make sure that our releases were on time and satisfactory to our vision.  Another big thanks to Fernando Cruz who worked through MoonSlave via nlinear Audio Productions for his awesome work in mastering the first two releases.  Best of luck to you guys, and you can always buy the first two records from their online store!


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