Pixelpussy update!

Hey Pussy Lovers!

Meow are you doing?  Did you miss the 8-Bitty Kitty?  Here’s the low down on what’s going on with Pixelpussy:

-First, I have relocated to the Northwest, and am going to be booking shows for the Seattle area within the next couple months.  I’m still getting a feel for the area, as there isn’t as strong of a power noise scene as there is in L.A., but soon the Emerald City will be going ga-ga for Meower Noise!

-Second, in case you haven’t seen already, production for “Das Mewntz” is officially underway and is going along quite swimmingly.  The bosses at MoonSlave are already eagerly awaiting the sophmore release from the artist that launched the label, and I can tell you so am I!  Late 2011 or Early 2012 will be the target date, and there will be more announcements coming in the following months in regards to it.

-Speaking of production, I’m also in the process of recording exclusive tracks for the second Electronic Saviors compilation as well as the next Das Bunker compilation.  More to come on other projects as well.

-I also want to thank a very special person close to the Kitty’s pixelated heart, and that would be Nik Reyes, my L.A. live stagemate.  We kicked some serious ass the two shows we played in L.A. and I look forward to coming back to L.A. soon to kick some more ass again.  That being said, the search for a new live player for the Seattle area is also underway.  More to come.

-One more thing:  those of you been trying to contact me through daemonchadeau@me.com can now do so again.  Apple really needs to send a notification when your MobileMe is about to expire lol.  Anyways, I also have a secondary email as well, meowernoise@gmail.com.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused earlier this month.

-Also, don’t forget to catch me every Thursday from 6-9pm Pacific Time on Radio Black Light, as I host “The Black Note” spinning three hours of the best power noise, IDM, harsh EBM, breakcore, and other harsh frequencies.  I also spin a lot of underground stuff that needs to be heard, because we all need to support our local underground scenes!  Hell, all of your favorite mainstream artists were underground at some point in their careers…

That’s it for now.  For all the latest keep posted to the ReverbNation page, as well as Facebook (facebook.com/meowernoise) and on Twitter (@pixelpussy).

Until next time, meow!  =^.^=



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