Thank you, MECHaNISMz!

What a show!  What a fucking show!

I’d like to thank Shane Talada of MECHaNISMz for allowing Pixelpussy to be a part of their closing night.  Also would like to thank W.A.S.T.E. and Machine Kampf for playing incredible shows as well.  Once again, I’d also like to thank Nik Reyes for once again adding the dirty shit to the sound like he did at the Klub Terminal show.  Everyone here needs to check out his project Liquidate!  And most importantly, thank you all who came out to the show last night to not only support underground music but to give this awesome club the sendoff it deserves!

In other news, I am pleased to announce that Pixelpussy will be featured on the next Das Bunker compilation scheduled for release in the second half of 2011.  This should coincide with the projected release of the second album, “Das Mewntz”.  Also, I am working on a remix for Puerto Rican noize specialist Dacaboya as well as an exclusive submission for the next Electronic Saviors compilation.  Speaking of which, congratulations to Jim Semonik for the first Electronic Saviors release achieving gold status!

More to come in the next few weeks as the 2011 schedule will be announced.  In the meantime, Pixelpussy will be throwing its full support behind the release of label-mate Noiz+Zilenth‘s debut on MoonSlave Radio called “Methamorfika”, which will be released late January 2011.  While you’re waiting, check out MoonSlave’s online shop to buy “This Is Meower Noise” as well as CODE 000‘s release “Secret Societies.  You can also find these two albums on iTunes, Napster, eMusic, AmazonMP3, Rhapsody, and other major digital music sources!

Until then, meow!  =^.^=


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