Pixelpussy LIVE debut performance @ Klub Terminal

Some news worth mentioning.  Pixelpussy will be playing the first LIVE show since I started the project!  The show will be hosted by KLUB TERMINAL on Sunday, August 1st! There will be another band playing (to be named later), plus I’ll also be spinning noize alongside DJ Madin as well (like I do every Sunday night)!  It’s held at My Maria’s place on 17847 Lakewood Blvd. right near the border of Lakewood and Bellflower across the street from the Norm’s near Rose Ave.  The venue’s a bit of a dive but that means the drinks are super cheap and strong, and the venue has a lot of free parking as well!  Hope you can come out and witness history!

Also, the album has been getting a lot of good reviews.  Thank you for the feedback and if you haven’t given any feedback please do so!  Also, if you haven’t purchased it, why not?  It’s on Amazon, iTunes, eMusic, and on the MoonSlave Radio store!

I’ve also been working on new stuff for the second album as well (because creation never stops).  If enough people come on out I might even just premier some of that new stuff too.  You know what you have to do!

Tell your friends!  Share the Facebook page!  Share the ReverbNation page!  Stay up to date on everything coming up, as there are some interesting things coming up on the horizon!

That’s it for now.  Until next time, meow!  =^.^=


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