Prepping for the release, and live


Well, here I am once again.  As I await for the mastering to be finished and all other aspects to be finalized, now I’m thinking about what am I going to do for when AFTER the album is released.

More importantly, what the hell am I going to do for LIVE SHOWS???

First off, I’m going to have to find a good place for used gear (like a small mixer) as well as things for my setup.  All I have is an M-Audio Keystation with a laptop with the screen kinda going out (although I can plug a seperate monitor in).  Of course, the lack of funds is an issue too.  I can make do with what I got, and I’ll be using that setup until I get a new laptop for gigs as well as other gear.  Then all I just need is a small mixer to plug in whomever is playing with me.  So if anyone’s got any leads on some used gear (or are just looking to get rid of something), then please hit me up.

Also, when the live shows happen, I’m going to need something to sling.  My album will be an all-digital download, so that means I won’t be selling it at my shows.  So now I also need to find a good (yet inexpensive) place to get some shirts made (preferably local here in L.A. since shipping’s gonna be a bitch), as well as some stickers.  Once again, if anyone knows of anyone who can get me some product made for not much scratch then let me know (especially since I’m fitting the bill for all my merch).

Right now I have no idea when or where my first live show is going to be, nor when or where the record release party will be as well, so things are still up in the air as of this time.  Right now I’m focusing on writing for the second album after working on remixes for Code 000 and Sonitus Niger.

The show you see on the calender for Das Bunker at The Catch One is actually a special guest DJ set in Das Noise Room, subbing in place of DJ The Operative (Shane) who will be DJ Dingbat at Release The Bats on the same night.  Hopefully Franck (H-Bomb) will be well enough to be there as he is recovering from a very scary accident outside of The Que Sera two weeks ago.  I know we are both looking forward to it as we plan on getting rather wild and crazy with the noize!

That’ll be all for now.  Until then, I’m going to just “shut up and make more music” lol.

Meow!  =^.^=



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